Seja um voluntário do Comitê Mundial – Faça parte do trabalho

Colabore com o Comitê Mundial do Escotismo, seja um voluntário em diferentes áreas de atuação.

Na Conferência Escoteira Mundial que aconteceu na Eslovênia, foi adotado um plano ambicioso para o triênio 2014-2017, assim como as medidas que visam alcançar a visão 2023, tornando o Movimento Escoteiro o maior movimento educacional de jovens do mundo.

Para que os objetivos sejam alcançados, o Comitê Escoteiro Mundial vai precisar de reforços: seja voluntário nesse processo. São diversas áreas de trabalho, algumas demandam meses de trabalho, outras podem se desenvolver durante os três anos. Um dos requisitos é a fluência em inglês, por isso é nessa língua que você encontra o documento explicativo.

Open call for volunteers to support the work of the World Scout Committee:
During last August, the 40th World Scout Conference in Slovenia adopted an ambitious World
Triennial Plan 2014-2017 as well as a number of Business Resolutions which call upon the
World Scout Committee (WSC) to undertake a number of actions, develop tools or review
certain policies of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.
Considering that the amount of work is much higher than what can be produced by the WSC
alone, a number of working groups will be created during the triennium with a specific project
focus and clear deliverables. To draw upon the full talent available within our Movement, the
WSC decided to launch an open call for volunteers interested in supporting the work of the
You can apply to participate in different areas of work, such as:
• Youth Engagement: implementing the World Scout Youth Involvement Policy, training youth
as external representatives of WOSM, developing intergenerational dialogue tools
• Educational Methods: e-learning platform, World Scout Youth Events, Spiritual
Dimension/Duty to God, revisiting the Scout Method, Youth Programme, Adults in Scouting
• Diversity & Inclusion: tools for a more diverse and inclusive membership, intercultural
dialogue, World Scout Interreligious Forum, gender balance
• Social Impact: active citizens, tools for enhancing employability skills, community service
and projects, leadership development
• External Relations: telling the story of Scouting (support for NSOs), promoting Scouting as a
leader of non-formal education (collaboration with UNESCO and ISCED), further developing
partnerships with other institutions, advocacy
• Communications (internal/external): review of current communications channels, further
development of intranet, digital engagement, reputational audit, Scouting’s brand
• Strategy (planning, monitoring, evaluation): membership growth, Global Support, monitoring
progress on WOSM policies (World Scout Youth Programme Policy, World Scout Youth
Involvement Policy, Adults in Scouting Policy), alignment of regional strategies, monitor
progress on the implementation of the Strategy for Scouting 2023
• Governance and Finance: constitution, fees, voting rights, transparency review, innovate
working methods, develop knowledge management system on world level, budget and audit,
risk assessments, fundraising, HR
Depending on the nature of the work to be done, the configuration of the working groups will
change from one to another: some require a full three years, others only a few months of work.
Most of the work will be fully addressed through virtual means, but some groups may require a
limited amount of personal meetings between members (costs may or may not be covered by
Are you interested in participating in this open call?! Contact via e-mail the International
Relations Team of Escoteiros do Brasil ( to receive more
information! Please write to us in english with your motivation to participate in the process and
with a resumé of your qualifications till October 20!





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